• Daniel Drezner article in Foreign Affairs on the new new world order. A quote:

“China is also aggressively courting resource-rich countries. In October 2006, it hosted a summit with more than 40 leaders from Africa to ensure continued access to the energy-rich continent. And its leaders have proposed creating free-trade areas within the SCO and APEC — displaying such willingness to go ahead that President Bush was forced to remove the global war on terrorism from the top of his APEC agenda, and in November 2006, he called for an APEC free-trade zone.

China’s efforts do not necessarily conflict with U.S. interests, but they could if Beijing so desired. From a U.S. perspective, it would be preferable for China and India to advance their interests within U.S.-led global governance structures rather than outside of them. The United States could get something in return for accommodating these states in institutions such as the UN and the IMF and giving them the recognition and prestige they demand: a commitment by Beijing and New Delhi that they will accept the key rules of the global game.”

  • Brad Setser blog has a post showing that China moves up the value chain. I have argued for some time now that the world should brace for another shock, China moving into automotive market. In 5-10 years time your SUV will cost half the price today and will be of better quality. I do not know the name of the vehicle, noone knows. But it will be made in China.