I have been coming to Greece for holidays with  my family and friends for the past 25 years. I even worked in Greece for two months as a software engineer in 1987, during my student years. So I had a chance to watch Greece change, but my experience was not from the Omonia square in Athens, but from talking to people on Greek islands: Kreta, Thassos, Korfu, Lefkada and few more.

Never mind the official corrupt statistics used by banksters and IMF nerds, the real Greek economy is doing as fine as 2, 5 or 10 years ago. Taverns are full of people, literally at 10PM yesterday it was impossible to find a free table in Sivota, all tables in 10 or more taverns were full. And many of the clients were Greeks, families enjoying their vacation. Prices are the same as in t he past, Greek salad for 5 euro and compulsory large Mythos for 3 euro. One can see almost no real estate or road investment, and it is a difference when compared with 10 years ago. But maybe it is the normal situation, with Europe’s population stagnating we may not need new hotels or houses on Greek islands. Unless you want a hordes of old Germans invade Greek islands. Better not. Imagine bratwurst mit kartofelnsalad und Jacobs instant offered instead of Greek great food.

So here is a Greek crisis theory by holiday economist. It is all made up by banksters, in real economy there is no crisis. First banksters generate boom in financial sector , pouring in billions. These billions fund more borrowing by government (roads to nowhere, more people in state administration) and private sector to build real estate that nobody in the country can afford without debt. Then comes a bust, which again has nothing to do with real economy, it is concentrated in financial and real estate sector. Those with large debt go bankrupt, and banksters that made money earlier no use this money to buy real estate at depressed prices.

When you are a Stavros family, that rents out apartments to holiday tourists, sells home made olive oil and runs small family tavern, then you see no crisis, bo boom and bust. Life is good, as it has always been. If you borrowed money from banksters to buy too big house you cannot afford, then you are broke. IF you are a government worker hired on banksters paycheck, you will be fired. And it is good for the economy, because finally you may get a decent private sector job and create wealth instead of destroying it as a government worker.

Come to Greece. There is no crisis here. Enjoy great food, sun and sea. Do not let banksters propaganda ruin your holidays. Yassas.