Earlier this month a guy named Todd Fassler was bitten by a rattlesnake in San Diego. He went to hospital, spend there six days and here is his bill.

It seems he does not have insurance, so if he is just an average American, he is bankrupt.

There are two groups of people in U.S. and Western Europe that are after you, and are working hard to destroy your life. Banksters (BANKer + gangSTER) and pharmsters (PHARMa + gangSTER). Banksters will work hard to load you with debt to buy things you do not really need (too big house, too big car, new bigger TV every year, holidays in too expensive places etc.). Pharmsters will push prices of drugs sky high so that when you need medical treatment you will spend all your money on drugs making pharmsters very rich. Yeah, they and their lobbyists will tell you that drug should be expensive to paid for research, otherwise there will be no innovative drugs in the first place. But they will not tell you that they put marketing costs into research to inflate the latter.

Where is the mission, to help people. Primum non nocere. How good is doctor that saves life and ruins once life at the same time, financially. What kind of world we created, where few rich banksters and pharmsters enjoy their 50m dollar mansions while average American or Greek suffers declining life standards.