More than five year ago I publicly warned in many Internet and traditional media that Greece should default on its debt and leave eurozone. Five years have passed, Greece had five-year long recession, unemployment at 30 percent. Had they followed a smart plan, they would have been growing fast now, with more competitive currency and cheap prices and wages attracting both tourism and foreign investment.

But five years ago such smart decision was not taken, as bankers that rule in eurozone decided to have a transitory period, that will allow them to sell bad Greed debt they owned to the taxpayer (via ECB controlled by bankers’ man). Now their wallets are fat and safe, so the Greeks can go. After five years of unnecessary recession they will have another two following default and Grexit.

Well, this is Greece some may say, its financial sector in now isolated from eurozone, the only connection is ELA, a wide pipe pumping money from ECB to Greek banks. But Spain, Portugal and Italy are in the queue, with similar problems everywhere, in fiscal, economic and political dimension. And their financial systems are strongly interlinked with the rest of Europe.

I would call it an ouzo crisis. The situation is crystal clear, as pure ouzo, and one knows what should be done. Then banksters come, pour in some water, and suddenly the liquid become like milk, you cannot see anything. Banksters use the situation to profit, at the expense of entire generation that suffers.

But anti-banksters parties are on the rise in Europe. The day of reckoning, Die Verdammten, is coming.