After major surprise in UK, where conservatives staged a massive victory despite opinion polls pointing to a more balanced outcome now Poland delivers similar surprise. Conservative-patriotic  candidate for president that consistently came second in opinion polls won first round ahead of ruling president, representing liberal and eurocratic faction.

When Hungary turns its back on the 21 century European order, it is a small event, as Hungary is a small country. But when the same happens in large countries, such as UK and Poland, it signals a major political change in Europe.

There are more developments that draw attention. New, anti-regime parties are born from scratch and score big. Spain and Italy were examples where professor or comedians can take leading positions in opinion polls or win elections. But these were countries in deep crisis. But when the same happens in Poland, where rock star, Pawel Kukiz, with help of young volunteers, scores 20 percent in presidential elections, it is a much more powerful signal. Even in countriers that have strong economy, people reject the 21st century European order, imposed by banksters and eurocrats.

New European order is coming.