A quote from the Guardian article:

Krzysztof Rybinski, a former deputy governor of the central bank and one of the government’s sharpest critics, has said that 2011 was the last good year for the Polish economy and that things will go downhill from the second half of 2012, for want of decent reforms in the face of an economic slowdown, an ageing population and a looming energy crisis. People should prepare for lean years ahead, he believes.

Poles either seem to be listening to detractors like Rybinski, or not have much respect for the opinions of their political leaders (a phenomenon that has a long history in Poland), or have been watching the riots in Athens and Madrid on TV. A recent study by Polish polling organisation CBOS showed that 81% of Poles think the euro crisis is likely to threaten them and their families personally, which is perhaps not surprising, considering the fact that unemployment is high.