Tutaj jest link do artykułu o Polsce w Financial Times, a poniżej moja wypowiedź w tego artykułu:

“Krzysztof Rybinski, a former deputy central bank governor and critic of the government’s economic policies, says that Poland has “two pathologies that need to be tackled”.

The first, he says, is a poorly-targeted system of social benefits where only about a quarter of budget transfers go to the poorest two deciles of the population. The rest go to people who are “not poor” – with 6 per cent going to the very richest.

“It’s ridiculous that rich people are getting such transfers. It has to be stopped,” he says.

The second, says Mr Rybinski, is a regressive tax system – the richest 10 per cent of Poles pay lower taxes, proportionally, than the poorest 10 per cent.

He adds that a final goal must be to develop a more innovative economy, preparing for the time when Poland can no longer compete in manufacturing with lower-wage economies.”