Greeks, once courageus citizens, once the center of culture, power and democracy, once the great nation.

Once great warriors. It took 300 hundred men to stop Kserkes countless invaders. It took 300 men to make Persians pagans scream and bleed, ask for mercy. What happened to grandsons of Sparta?

Now on your knees, begging for help. Seeing you grandland sold to new barbarians of the 21st century. Once world was not able to conquer your great nation with armour and iron. Today you will bow your neck to new pagans equipped with euros and dollars.

How will your grandchildren remember your generation? As trators, trading your sovereignty for a silver nickel. As cowards, allowing pagans to plunder your inheritance.

What a shame! Is there noone able to stand up and fight? Is there noone who carries the Spartans’ blood in his veins? Is there noone who has the courage of his grand fathers to stop the intruders.

Today you are making a history books. The choice is yours. Stand up and fight, or go in shame.