I was invited by DemosEuropa to participate in the project New Atlantic Capitalism  conducted by demosEUROPA, German Marshall Fund of the United States, Notre Europe  and Stiftung Wissenschaft Und Politik.

I prepared a short paper titled “The West in Deadly Hug of Chinese Vampire Squid”. Comments welcome.

I uploaded a new version of the paper with the following findings based on the Shanghai world ranking of best universities.

“The full ranking prediction suggests that in 2050 US will still dominate the world. However if one uses the number of publications only, the results are very different. In 2025 China already has bigger global influence than US and UK put together and in 2050 China dominates the world.

There is one more interpretation of the results. Noble Prize winners represent important innovations, those that change peoples’ lives. So maybe these results are telling us, that while China will dominate the world in terms of broad economic impact, still the majority of breakthrough innovations will come from the United States”.