Mobile phones are very useful. They even save lives, as people in danger can more easily contact the emergency. We all use mobile phones.

However, a recent paper by Vini G. Khurana, a well know brain-tumor specialist warns, that heavy use of mobile phones may increase the likelihood of a brain tumor, especially among youth and children. As brain tumor develops over a 10-20 year period, in 2008-2012 we will have long-enough track record of using mobile phones to observe sharply rising rates of brain tumors. Doctor Khurana calls for immediate global action.

I am an economist and know nothing about brain tumors,  so it is very hard to determine the quality of presented medical results without seeing the details of statistical models that were used. It is certain that cars will continue to kill more people than mobile phones in the foreseeable future, but when your mother-in-law calls next time you can shorten the conversation by mentioning Dr Khurana study :-)