Financial Times has two interesting articles today:

  • Interview with the head of Norwegian Pension Fund, Knut Kjaer, the biggest equity investor in Europe. I saw myself that many countries based their investment schemes on Norway’s example, even some very poor African states.
  • FT full page article on Asia financial centres, which are likely to become global leaders in near future. I know that Asians are great in networking, maybe the centre will be created by network of exchanges. Think of Global Markets, with branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo etc., trading in one currency called Asian. Think of Global Markets taking over LSE, or some US marketplaces. Impossible? Unthinkable? Then think again.
  • [added later] As a confimation of my thoughts see another FT article published few days later where Donald Tsang, Hong Kong exchange chief executive hints on close cooperation between HK and Shanghai exchanges.