I have not been writing much recently for two reasons. I had to spend some time final proof-reading my book on globalization, and I was busy at the bank with several new projects I am in charge of.

However I keep reading at least one paper a day, and I have added several new interesting papers to my resources. I noticed that after a period of silence there is again and influx of papers about global imbalances, with a broad conclusion that a judgement day for large US current account deficit may be coming.

On the different topic. Since I joined the web2.0 community I read … differently. Instead of reading news I read “knowledge”. Of course I browse headlines, to know what is going on (but instead of reading 5 newspapers in detail I read 15-20, headlines or quick-reading). I do indepth reading of “knowledge articles” and skip reading news articles. I found that this apporach gives me a significant knowledge advantage in debates, as news “lifetime” is few days and they are largely useless in intelligent decision-making, while knowledge lifetime maybe few years or quarters (in some cases it may also be eternal). I do recommend this approach to busy decision-makers.