I have added a bunch of new papers in my public resources.

I also read few interesting posts showing that internet innvations are progressing at an incredible speed, take a look:

  • MIT Technology Review writes about Yahoo pipes which allows you to personalize internet, to get what you really want and to filter out junk and spam (or call it and interactive feed aggregator and manipuilator). I have not tried it yet, but looks and sounds great. Tim O’Reilly writes in his blog that it is a break-through technology.
  • MIT Technology Review also has an article on first video syndication service. I would definitely need yahoo pipes to make sure that only wanted videos are syndicated, but imagine how easy it could be if you wanted to watch any lecture in the world on topic X in the past six months. Or view pictures or movies of a house in a given price range in a given location. Models casting will be very easy, and CVs will be written and posted on the web using YouTube, Facebook etc. Bye, bye old TV channels, bye-bye paper newspapers, welcome open-source media.