• My Onfolio blogdigger search found this very interesting post by Steve Borsch, who argues that, quote”

If you’ve read Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, you’ll understand his argument that left brain, serial and linear thinking is of flat value and more prone to outsourcing (because it can be) and that the next phase of value creation and innovation will come from the right brained, parallel and associative thinkers among us. Higher order thinking, pattern matching and an ability to connect the dots (which can’t be outsourced) will be highly prized and will be the intellectual fuel for tomorrow.”

Steve writes that the next stage of the value chain will be managing the assembbly line of knowledge creation. The creative class (Richard Florida term) will be seekers of meaning, connections, organizers of millions of bits of knowledge which is out there, at their fingertips in a globally connected world.

I fully agree with his concept. That is why I am a big supporter of personal knowledge DNA concept (Jan Gorski term) when globally connected people show what they read (via tag cloud) and what they write (via another tag cloud). This makes global knowledge connectivity easier and more effcient. I am probably the only high level offcial in the world that sets an example by making public his or her personal knowledge DNA (there are some politicians/officials writing blogs of course, but in most cases they are tools to boost popularity and not to share knowledge). If you know about other officials writing their knowledge blogs, let me know, I would like to connect and share experience.

Take a look at Steve Borsch excellent presentation the Rise of Participation Culture. As I wrote many times on my blog, the big social change is coming. The young generation of homo sapiens globalus, the globally connected generation will shape the world. Get ready.