Just as a reminder I keep adding new papers or book chapter to my resources. I am on holiday so I spend soem time after skking on reading books and papers.

I read first eight chapter of Steve Denning’s Secret language of leadership. This book explain very clearly that communication, or story-telling is key ingredient of any successful process of change.

I also fast-read paper co-authored by Jeffrey Sachs on upcoming demographic change in Africa. If I understood the paper correctly, authors are saying that it is possible to reduce significantly child mortality in Africa by 2015. Should this happen fertility rates would drop from above 5 children per family to around 2. This could have powerful consequences for Africa demographic projections (population growth, age structure).

I also added few other papers, with Societe Generale drawing attention to continued fall of real and financial volatility. Some people say it is globalization and good monetary policy and it is long-lasting. Others say it is calm before the storm, and early storm signals can be seen on credit derivative markets. As a central banker I remain vigilant to these signals, and the best I can do is to watch, listen, read and analyze. For the time being I side with Caballero asset shortages hypothesis .