• Joseph Stiglitz wrote an article on managing globalization in TimesOnline. I like one quote:

The thrust of my book is that there are alternative ways of organising each of the major areas in which globalisation has intruded. Here, I talk about an alternative – a medical prize fund. The international community could get together and say we will provide a prize for those who come up with a vaccine or cure for the kinds of diseases that afflict those in developing countries. With that prize there would be incentives for drug companies and researchers all over the world to do research to find the cures and vaccines against these diseases. But then, once the cure or the vaccine has been developed, we would use the force of the competitive marketplace.

I like this quote because it is very much alike my proposal to come up with alternative energy fund, that will pay a prize, a bilion or a few billion dollars/euros for a working innovation that replaces oil and gas and makes European/World economy less delendent on energy supplies from countries that make energy as XXI century weapon.

  • Economist has an article on policy called “compensated free trade”, which could help to avoid protectionism risk to globalization;
  • Road and Transport Authority in Dubai will adopt AskDubai online service and ePay, that will enable citizens to pay parking fines and fees online. Paying tickets will become more convenient. I can imagine taht in many towns around the globe there will be no road police needed. Google Traffic will track your car, if you are speeding it will send the data to police indentification system, picture will be matched to user data, and user will get SMS-ticket. Simple, easy, no paper-work involved. If you have too many tickets than you e-drivers license will be revoked, and you will not be able to start any car, whihc will use RFID techology to verify whether driver behind the wheel is licensed to drive. Just wait fewe years for first implementaiton of such system. When this is done, nobody will be speeding, and world will become one big Switzerland.
  • I read this Ed Yourdon post on mind maps, it argues that mind maps shall be used instead of Power Point.