I am on holiday with my wife and kids, we go skiing (global warming has almost elikminated snow in Polish mountains, but there is still some left in higher parts), we go swimming and this evening we went to have pizza and play pool. When I put kids to bed I turn on my laptop and check my emails and my RSS-feeds (via onfolio). So I stay online even during holidays in the mountains thanks to iPlus Edge/UMTS connection. When I come back on Monday, all emails read, blog posts updated, several important papers read, so no after-holiday-Monday-shock expected. Yes, I still call it a holiday.

Anyway, I will keep posting a diary of interesting articles (mostly from e-newspapers and blogs) that I read. But since few weeks ago I started the new functionality of my blog – making resources public – I will be adding papers I read or fast-read to my public resources, and will comment only on some of them.

  • Indian livemint posts an article athat Asian workes will enjoy highest wage increases in 2007. ECA international survey shows wage increases in Asia at 3.6% in real terms in 2007, comparing with 2.4% in 2006. Ten countries with fastest wage growth will be: India,Indonesia, China,Philippines,Thailand, Slovakia,South Korea,Malaysia,Egypt,Russia.
  • Bloomberg article on sharp growth of the CDO market and resulting corporate bond spread compression. There is also an interesting post by Nouriel Roubini on credit derivaties.