Lighter, but relevant reading:

  • New “reality check” model says Google is fairly valued, read NYT article.
  • United Nations will hold a conference on ICT role in modern communities and on the role of social neworking in aging society, conference link .
  • World Bank InfoShop newsletter, December issue . Contains a lot of links to good knowledge resources, take a look at Expresso Book Machine, which is print on demand device. Will XX century publishing houses go out of fashion and will book printing be provided by ATMs? It is possible.
  • YouTube ( ) provides a video of Saddam Hussein execution (very explicit, not suitable for young people), shot by an amateur video-camera. This event will surely lead to a discussion about what can be freely posted on the web.
  • Hong Kong residents to start using e-passports and e-IDs, see Peoples Daily article .
  • January 2007 issue of the Awareness Watch Newsletter , with hundreds of links to web sites with important web-related projects.