In a process of fast-learning of KM/IC I will continue to post links that I find important in the area of intellectual capital and knowledge management.

  • European Commission activity in the field of intellectual capital, here and here and here .
  • Intellectual Capital congress will be held on 3-4 May, at the INHOLLAND University, Haarlem, Netherlands.
  • Christian Staam intellectual capital start page in Netherlands

On Saturday Financial Times published an article on the impact of global warming in Europe. The report cited in FT article states that the North (UK, Sweden) would gain, while South would loose, with heat costing peoples lives and harming crops and tourism. Interestingly, both UK and Sweden are two most commited countries in combating climate change (I would call this a macro-empathy). Report says the problem can be solved by investing in carbon-emisssion-reducing technologies, at at cost of 0.19% of EU GDP per annum.

I do not know much about global warming models, but as macroeconomist I clearly see that Europe is facing a huge asymmetric shock called global warming. Depending on how this threat is handled in the near future, Eurozone opponents in UK and Sweden can use this argument. Both aging and global warming call for radical reforms of the European public finances. We are still spending in XX-century style, while we face XXI century challenges.