Within next week or two I will add new functionality to my blog. After clicking on resources you will get access to my knowledge base, a selection of few thousand papers, notes etc. They will be tagged (you will see a tag cloud) and most of them will be downloadable. I will be adding new papers every day, those that I read and find worth storing.

You may ask a question why do I do this? I believe that sharing knowledge is a good thing, beacuse it creates new knowledge. I also believe that I may be paving the way to create a new standard of the XXI century knowledge worker. This worker has her blog and shares her knowledge base with others, particularly with those who have similar tag clouds.

Maybe in ten years when headhunters get a job to find someone suitable for a certain job, the first thing they will look at will be personal tag cloud. It may become a personal knowledge DNA (output tags – what I write and input tags – what I read). Get ready, homo sapiens globalus has been born.

Let me know what you think? Is it a good idea to share ones knowledge base with others?

I forgot to mention before, that full credit for developing the idea of personal knowledge DNA and two tag clouds should go to Jan Gorski, founder of Plum .