I have just launched a Google Group called Polish World Diaspora.

The link is:


“There are many successful diasporas around the world, for example Global Scott Network, or Mexican Diaspora in US, where distance between members is two phone calls (i.e. it takes two phone calls to find someone that can help diaspora member to solve his problem). With EU acccession 1 million Poles went abroad to work. The purspose of this group is to organize as many Poles as possible to share experience, information, knowledge. For example those who spent few months in UK or Ireland can advice newcommers what mistakes they should avoid. If you hear about good jobs available, let your fellow Poles know about. If you need help post a message, maybe someone will help you. I would like this diaspora to be different from official ones, which make big conferences, invite officials. This Polish World Diaspora should be a social network of Poles, who show empathy for their fellow citizens. Help others, they will help you.”

Let me know what you think. Is it hopeless to imagine Poles around the world helping each other? Or maybe young generation of Poles making their first professional steps in XXI century is different than their parents generation. I am naturally born optimist with “can do” attuitude, so I believe that social networking model can lead to a creation of successful networks of Poles.