Lighter, but relevant reading

  • Will US become bigger oil producer than Saudi Arabia, read NYT article on shale oil experiments. There are still some tehcnical problems left, such as high carbon dioxide emissions, which contributes to green house effect. But watch out, US shale oil, Candian sands and recent nuclear energy projects gain momentum, so those emprires built on oil could find themselves on shaky foundations in a couple of years.
  • Check out the new title of the last, 7th, part of Harry Potter series: it is  “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. Read Times article .
  • Is US housing crash coming? Check Times article
  • Want a well-paid job in finance? Take a course on Islamic banking and apply for one on 30,000 vacancies in Sharia-compliant bank in the Gulf region that will open in next few years. Check Gulfnews article .