Lighter, but relevant reading

  • Serious security flaws found in new Microsoft Windows VISTA, read NYT article
  • How was your bonus this year? Check Wall Street bonuses spending season, IHT article
  • Chinese car manufacturers to challenge US, European and Japanese giants. This is already an old story, how about aircraft. Take a look at China daily article.
  • China and Japan formed a joint committee to enhance mutual understanding of objective history, see China daily article. History and politics are obstacles slowing the process of Asian economic and monetary integration, so progress on this front is very welcome. I do believe that Asia common currency (ASEAN+3) will be created before 2030.
  • Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is planning to challenge Google and Yahoo! (who jointly account for 75% of internet searches), see Times article. The name of the new, social, search engine will be Wikiasari.
  • Can oil revenues spending lead to inflation, see Gulfnews article on Iran. Look at the biggest ever spending budget in Saudi Arabia, Gulfnews article. And by the way, are you amazed by 10% growth in China, how abut 21.8% year on year growth in Oman.
  • This page covers all important social networks with descriptions, indicates ones that can become hits in 2007. The web 2.0 place is getting crowded indeed.