Lighter, but relevant reading:

  • China airforce equipped with home made fighter jet called, Jian-10, Peoples Daily article. It is a new generation fighter, it can fly and shoot. In 2005 China spent 1.4% of GDP on defense, another Daily article .
  • Sub-Saharan Africa goes to school, new very positive trend, read IHT article. Imagine the long term implications, China offshores low cost production to now better educated Africa and concentrates on higher value added goods, cars, aircraft, computers. Singapore does biotech, and Europe does … Exactly does what? I know we have great football teams.
  • Mobile social networking. Dodgeball service allows your friends to know where you are, washingtonpost article. I am not sure I would like to do this myself, but it could be useful to locate my children.
  • Global warming in practice. Guardian article reports that a giant ice island of a size of a city has broken free from Canada largest ice shelves.
  • Economist Intelligence Unit produced a scenario analysis of world in 2026 and 2066. The future belongs to ASIA. Five biggest countries rated by PPP GDP (China, India, US, Brasil, Russia). Five countries with highest GDP per capita (Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, Taiwan, South Korea). I pack up tomorrow and leave (just kidding).
  • explains life using short films. They do cooking, make up, dating etc. Social networks enter education plaza.