I have just finished my book on globalization, unfortunately for my non-Polish friends it is in Polish (available on my blog until it is published). Below you may find the list of chapters. I should be able to provide English translation sometime in the future. My book summarizes few hundred most important academic papers on various aspects of globalization and monetary policy published in the last few years

Three faces of globalization

Krzysztof Rybinski

Part 1. How outsourcing, offshoring and networking created homo sapiens globalus in XXI century

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic concepts
  3. Globalization: perception, key indicators, mechanisms, costs and benefits
  4. Demographic trends
  5. Migrations
  6. How outsourcing, offshoring and networking created homo sapiens globalus in XXI century
  7. How outsourcing and offshoring affect the economy
  8. Barriers to outsourcing and offshoring and their economic impact
  9. Role of public sector institutions in the global economy of XXI century – new public institutions and e-economy
  10. Summary and conclusions, including a mini-test for economic decision-makers.

Part 2. Global imbalances

  1. Introduction
  2. Earlier episodes of global imbalances
  3. Ten theories explaining the emergence of present global imbalances
  4. Who got it right, conclusions from global imbalances discussion
  5. What lies ahead – global imbalances resolution scenarios
  6. Summary and conclusions

Part 3. Monetary policy in a global economy

  1. Modern monetary policy:
    • From surprises to predictability and expectations management
    • From ivory tower to transparent institution
    • From conservative Rogoff central banker to excellent communicator
    • Well understood mumbling and incomprehensive simple language
    • Good central banker says what he does not know, bad banker say what he knows.
    • Regular speeches
  2. How globalization affects monetary policy
  3. Monetary policy, asset prices and global imbalances
  4. Global central bank
  5. Implications for Polish monetary policy.